Who is katy perry dating 2016

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At 31 years old, Katy’s been through it all — hookups, relationships, and even a tough divorce.

She’s always careful not to spill too much tea about her past loves, but over time, we’ve learned bits and pieces of her relationship puzzle.

Perry: Oh yeah, well, not everyone can be, but I think that — my heart goes out to him actually because anybody that’s been fooled like that — people have dreams and people live in different parts of the world where not everything is so accessible.

Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Dating 'Very Happy Together,' Has Met.

Complete Timeline of the Pop Star Feud That Refuses to Die.

James Corden ranked her former lovers Orlando Bloom, John Mayer. Katy Perry ranked how good her exes are good in bed. She was the princess of pop but has turned edgy as she tries to discover.

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You probably heard about poor Spencer, the guy who was catfished into thinking he was dating Katy Perry for six years. Katy Perry: Yeah, someone sent me a link and I didn’t actually read through it because I just think it’s really unfortunate and very sad. We live on the coasts and we get stuff in a way that other people don’t get and I feel bad for him.

Well, Perry heard about him too, and she discussed the situation briefly during an interview on Sirius XM’s The Morning Mash Up Show: Did you hear about this poor guy who got catfished into thinking he was having an online relationship with you? So I didn’t really like to indulge in that because my heart would die.

Katy Perry Dating History - Famous Fix" / back into his life — and he’s making a very public attempt! It was rumored that they hooked up at the Golden Globe's after party, and now it's confirmed that they are indeed dating.

Katy Perry Reveals the One Problem With Dating Orlando Bloom." / history here.

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We all know that Katy Perry is the queen of power anthems, Twitter, and outrageous outfits (sorry Lady Gaga, but it’s been awhile since you rocked an over-the-top costume.) It’s no wonder that the “Rise” singer is one of the most coveted women in Hollywood and has basically had her pick of boyfriends over the years, and, for the most part, the brunette beauty has picked well.

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