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Raj Vij, administrative director of pediatric dentistry at Akron Children’s Hospital.

If it’s in an office, is it equipped to handle an emergency?

Nitrous oxide/oxygen is given through a small breathing mask which is placed over the child’s nose, allowing them to relax without putting them to sleep.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recognizes this technique as a very safe, effective technique for treating children’s dental needs.

Zyrtec comes in a 1mg/ml solution (so 2.5 mg = 2.5 ml).

There is also a 10mg/ml oral drops preparation (so 5 mg is 1/2 ml). Caution should be used in children less than 2 years of age and Cetirizine should not be used in children less than 6 years who have liver or kidney problems.

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In contrast to general anesthesia (which renders the child unconscious), dental sedation is only intended to reduce the child’s anxiety and discomfort during dental visits.

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