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to Denny's Poems and Quotes This website has poems, quotes, scrapbook ideas, etc.See the New Stuff file for the most recently added things. If something is incorrectly credited, please contact me.Selected past Lannan events are also being released periodically in audio and/or video format. "A Racist World, Described by Those Who Knew It" As part of Women in Translation Month, translator-scholar Emily Drumsta offers a retrospective on Nazik al-Malaika. We also have rare video interviews with people such as Peter Reading and John Berger. As of June 20 we have received just under ,000 toward our 2017 goal of ,000 from our readers. If you have not yet given, please join your friends-in-poetry in support of PD's 20th anniversary year with a contribution to help keep us in daily service to you and to poetry! Getting the dynamics and voice down are what's crucial.Whatever it takes to get the whole soul into a poem." —Frank Bidart MORE Lannan Podcasts: Audio recordings of events in our Readings & Conversations and In Pursuit of Cultural Freedom series are available via podcast generally within one week of the event. Andrew Mc Culloch introduces Stephen Spender's "A Chorus From Oedipus Rex." Jorie Graham honored with the 0,000 Wallace Stevens Award.A PD Prose Feature "The solutions that I felt I found aren't going to be the solutions that work for someone else.But I'll be happy if my poems seem to say to younger writers that you still can be as bold about setting a poem down on the page as Wordsworth was or Mallarmé was or Ben Jonson was or Pound was or Ginsberg and Lowell and Bishop were.

Things on this site are for personal use with proper credit - not for profit making ventures.You will get to choose not just ecards with excellent visuals but also touching messages that make you feel as if you have personally written those lines.We engage the best designers and copywriters to come up with ecards that tell a story and also keep it extremely personal.Whoever said that distances make the heart fonder must have been thinking about online greetings & ecards!In the times that we live in, you cannot possibly have every near and dear one under one roof.

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Some of them will always be living away in some other city, country or continent.