Dating advice on egyptian men thailand dating and marriage

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Dating advice on egyptian men

Food, home, clothing for the entire family is the husband's sole responsibilty.

Even if the wife is wealthy he has no right on even a penny of her wealth unless she were to willingly offer it.

But he doesn’t know what will happen with his country and situation, so I understand that too. I am beginning to realize that this love may be an impossible hope for me…and maybe there are aspects of his faith that limit him too much to even consider a longer term, more serious relationship, no matter how liberal he seems.Egyptian men overall are quite wonderful and I personally know many men here who would be great and ethical husbands to foreign women.This perhaps comes via meeting a lot of men so I am able to weed out the good catches from the not-so-good.While we can't judge the entire male species in one country based on a "few," we can get a pretty accurate idea of how most of them are like.I mean seriously, would you want to spend your youthful years searching for the "exception" in a country with a 90 million population? I hate to generalize, but unfortunately, there are some personality traits that are common in almost all Egyptian men.

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