Dating a guy with no teeth

Posted by / 09-Nov-2017 19:36

I wouldn't look twice at a person with missing teeth simply because I would assume that they were a rough sort who has had them knocked out fighting and the fact that they have not been replaced would suggest to me that they were not too bothered about themselves.

HOWEVER, having said that I am not really a 'looks' kinda girl.

Many THINK way to much about all they've seen in Movies where they lay in a glass by a bed each night,,or they walk around in just their gums over lapping and talking stupid,,,,lol,, THATS NOT ALL TRUE,,,,, But anyway,,,good luck with all your answers your seeking and I hope this helps you with some....

I'm seeing this amazing guy, good personality, good man all around, good looking, eats well and is fit, good job...

It's really made me happy hearing how people don't mind about things like this. It has something to do with calcium in my body that is causing my teeth to go bad.

I think I would like dentures better than these stupid things I have now.

his only "flaw" is smoking which I'm not sure maybe this has something to do with it...

however Two of his lower front teeth are brown from about half way down to the bottom of the...

like the teeth of that guy [Shane Mac Gowan]," says Autumn, 24."His teeth don't have to be perfect, but obviously should be taken care of," says Cassie, 25.

I'm far more impressed by what is on the inside and a sense of humour is a biggy for me too.

Therefore although I might not approach you in say, a club or bar, if I were working with you or knew you for the person you are first, it wouldn't make the blindest bit of difference to me if you had a duck's beak growing out of your head if I liked you.

So I think its in the mind of the one who just gets them,,,or the low mind level of the ones who want to SEE THEM as an issue of caring about another person,,or shall I say,,dating them..

Hey,, IF THATS A PROBLEM,,see ya,,no big deal,,, THAT would be MY answer to someone who MADE that an issue..

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Being so young, I am wondering, would girls be put of by a handsome bloke that has to wear dentures?

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